Entry #5

Whoa, Loooong time!

2010-07-30 23:25:26 by x13Spiral13x

Been far too long since I did anything here-SOOOOOOO, anyways, I will no longer be posting art of mine that is not meant to be under a creative commons licsence, and have removed my art that I did not want under such liscence from the site.

However, it can still be found properly copyrighted on my deviantart account-but don't worry, I'll be posting more art now. Just, art that I don't really care about, or that I would like to see put into some animations, work that might actually be useful to someone here.

Gonna post random characters I don't care about that may be cool, however I do wish for anything used for you to credit me, and before use tell me that you're using it, as well as telling me when the finished product is available on the site.

Thanks all, glad to be back :)


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